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Donna Nook Baby Seals in November and December 2014

July 17th, 2014

If you are planning to visit Donna Nook Baby Seals during December please considers spending a few days away staying in one of our self catering holiday cottages or on our touring caravan CL site for Caravan Club members at Greetham Retreat in the heart of Lincolnshire Wolds near to the market towns of Horncastle, Louth and Spilsby and within easy travelling distance of Donna Nook.  We do have vacancies  over the next few days in our self catering accommodation and on our CL site and last-minute late bookings are on offer. (click here for details of our last-minute cottage special offers)

The total reserve pup count for the season so far is 1760 pups. Total reserve pup count so far for the season: 1784 pups born so far this year. The weekly spot count carried out last Saturday 13th December 2014 was: 285 bulls, 292 cows & 1073 pups. There are still lots of independent pups with their newly moulted coats, but fewer and fewer adults as they are now returning into the North Sea.  SO IF YOU WANT TO VISIT DONNA NOOK YOU MUST DO SO STRAIGHT AWAY WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS OR WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR DURING NOVEMBER & EARLY DECEMBER 2015.  You are now likely to see next years pups being made as the cows and bulls breed before returning to the sea. Please read on to find out more about Donna Nook and its seals at this time of the year.

4 star self catering holiday cottages at Greetham Retreat

Donna Nook is a fantastic place to visit if staying at Greetham Retreat and when at Donna Nook you can get up really very close and personal with this magnificent colony of grey seals with their lovely pups throughout the months of November and December each year.  The pups (baby seals) are so very photogenic too, so please do not forget to bring your camera!

baby seals near Greetham Retreat Holiday Cottages in Lincolnshire

Baby seal at Donna Nook

It is very busy when visiting at weekends, if you are able we recommend that you visit at during midweek to see this spectacle with more than 1500 pups born at Donna Nook each year.  Britain’s population of grey seals is of international conservation importance.

If you choose to visit Donna Nook at the beginning of December you could also visit the famous Lincoln Christmas Market click here for details.  Greetham Retreat is about half way between Donna Nook and the City of Lincoln.

All about Donna Nook breeding seal colony

Donna Nook is home to roughly 3000 Grey seals at certain times of the year.  For most of the year, the grey seals at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trusts’ Donna Nook National Nature Reserve are at sea or hauled out on distant sandbanks.

Every November and December, these seals give birth to their pups near the sand dunes, a wildlife spectacle which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the UK.

visit from Greetham Retreat self catering holiday cottages in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Breeding Seal colony at Donna Nook

Meeting a seal at Donna Nook is guaranteed, as this is effectively a seal maternity hospital.

Large bull seals arrive at Donna Nook in early November, coming ashore to set up territories and wait for the females to arrive. Cow seals arrive shortly after and are herded into harems by the bulls, where they give birth to a single creamy-coloured pup. These young pups are suckled for three weeks during which time their weight will almost triple, and they will gradually lose their pale coat.

Once pups are weaned, the females become available for mating giving rise to much competition among the bulls. Each bull will try to hold his harem against all the challengers. Fights can be vicious and bloody. The action peaks about mid-December. By the end of January it’s all over and the seals are back out at sea.

Donna Nook is only a short drive (about 35 to 40 minutes) from Greetham Retreat which offers a choice of five 4 star Gold award luxury self catering holiday cottages.  The accommodation is modern, stylish and uncluttered, it can accommodate between 2 and 6 people in each of our individual cottages  We are dog and pet friendly too.

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We have Laura’s Loft  which is a really lovely intimate self catering accommodation for just 2 people, with a luxury whirlpool bath. You can stay in Laura’s Loft during November and most if December for just 2 nights for just £145, if you wanted 3 to 4 nights it costs just £170 or if you have the time stay for a week at only £235.

Our other holiday cottages at Greetham Retreat are Katie’s Corner (sleeps 6),  Maggie’s Mews (sleeps 4),  Wendy’s Wing (sleeps 2) and Rose’s Rest ( sleeps 2) the shortest period that you can stay in these cottages is 3 nights.

You can see full details of our caravan site by clicking on Greetham Retreat CL

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